03 November 2023


Need to identify an unknown parent or grandparent?

Genetic Genealogy services are often sought by adoptees and donor-conceived

individuals, but as more people take direct-to-consumer DNA tests for ancestry or 

genealogy purposes, some are finding surprise results that contradict their prior knowledge of relationships.

What to make of these unexpected results?

If you want to identify an unknown parent or grandparent, I can help!

I have 20+ years of traditional genealogy experience and proven skills 

in Genetic Genealogy with solved unknown parentage cases.

Contact me with your project details.

Email: claudia@claudiacasillas.com

Claudia Casillas, Professional Genealogist    

*Certificate: Boston University Genealogical Research Studies (2020)

*Certificate: Applied Genealogy Institute, Applied Genetic Genealogy (2023), under Leah Larkin, Ph.D.

24 May 2023

If you are stuck with one or more brick walls, and need professional research assistance, you can contact me at:

Email: claudia [at] claudia casillas [dot] com 


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