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This genealogy blog was created by Claudia Casillas to assist genealogists in finding marriage dispensations located in the archives of the Catholic Diocese of Guadalajara.

A good description of what a Catholic marriage dispensation means can be found in this article.

The archives in Guadalajara consist of thousands of pages of genealogical information that have recently been made available for view free of cost at www.FamilySearch.org. Sadly though, most if not all of these records have no index and were bound in no chronological, numerical or alphabetical order. It can take dozens of hours for one researcher to look through the hundreds of images to find one record in any given volume.

Here we have created a searchable index of sorts, directing the researcher to the exact image of where the dispensation of a particular couple can be found within the Source Film at Familyseach.org.

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  1. Where would I find the dispensations for Tamaulipas, Mexico?
    Specifically the cities of San Fernando de la Presa, Cruillas and Burgos. I thought they might have fallen under the jursidiction of Guadalajara, but from the map above it looks like that is not the case.