How to Search

How to conduct a text search in this Blog:
It is easy to search this blog for what you are looking for. The "SEARCH THIS BLOG" search bar on the right is your best tool to find what you are searching for.

Step One:
Enter either a surname or a place (Example: Aguascalientes, Gomez, Martin, etc.), and click "search," or press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Step Two:
Once you send the search command, the search tool within the Blog will come up with a new page containing ALL of the blog entries in which your term exists.  To find each individual entry, press:

WINDOWS Users: CNTRL+F (at the same time)
MAC Users: CMD+F (at the same time)
...and re-enter the search term in your browser's search bar.

Once you hit "Enter" again, your browser will highlight all the instances of that term. Depending on your particular browser (i.e. Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari and Chrome), you will be able to track and see all of the entries in the blog posts.  To learn more about your Browser's "Search" shortcuts feature, click on the link below that corresponds to the software you are using:

Chrome (Google)
Firefox (Mozilla)
Edge (Microsoft)
Opera (Opera Software)
Safari (Apple)

Tips on spellings:
When searching this blog, try different spellings of the name (example: Perez & Peres).  Below is a key that might help.

  • For names ending in EZ: try spelling with ES
  • Names beginning with F, try H (example: Fernandez & Hernandez)
  • Names starting with H or H+vowel [A E I O U], try adding or subtracting the H in front (example: Ilaria & Hilaria; Enriguez & Henriquez; Haro & Aro; Ulloa & Hulloa)
  • Try interchanging S with Z (example: Gonsalez & Gonzalez)
  • Try interchanging J with X (example Jimenez & Ximenez) 
  • Try interchanging B with V (example: Abalos & Avalos) 
  • Try interchanging F with PH (example: Felipe & Phelipe) 
  • Try interchanging Y with I (example: Isabel & Ysabel) 
  • Try interchanging Y with two L's (example: Cayetano & Calletano) 

A note about accent marks:
When searching a name in the Search Bar, enter the name without accent marks to maximize your results.

Example: If you are looking for Bañuelos, enter Banuelos (no tilde mark).

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